Why do we eat it at Christmas?

The Christmas season is upon us; it’s time to celebrate with family and friends and, of course, excellent food. The answer to the question ‘what’s on the menu for Christmas?’ is usually a long list of meats including different types of ham. Glazed ham and/or gammon are two of the most popular of the culinary feast. “So, why do we eat gammon at Christmas time?” It’s actually a fascinating tale that will have self-proclaimed new-age ‘foodies’ wanting to grab a tasty slice.


It is said that at some point in the fourth century, Pope Julius I established the 25th of December as the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Interestingly, many theologians believe that this day wasn’t chosen because it was his actual birthday, but because during that time many cultures already held festivities around that time for the winter solstice; these celebrations included the feasting on ham.

European cultures, including Germanic pagans and Norse cultures, partook in eating wild boar as part of their yuletide celebrations. As the religion of Christianity spread across the globe, so did Christmas, resulting in eating types of ham during this time an international practice.

Did you know that the word ‘gammon’ originated from the Middle English word for ‘ham’, Gambon?

Gammon is a slice of pork cut from the hind leg of a pig which is then cured. The curing process is a preservation method that keeps the meat flavourful and allows it to retain its colour. The curing method also gives the meat a lengthy shelf-life of five to seven days so retailers and restaurants can stock up to ensure customers can buy wholesale gammon for the Festive season.

Our range of hams that are available to order

Van Wyngaardt offers a broad range of delicious wholesale pork meat products. Our menu of hams include:

  • Beechwood ham
  • Chargrilled ham
  • Cooked ham
  • Country ham
  • Gypsy ham
  • Hickory ham
  • Hickory ham (Blended)
  • Pepper ham
  • Picnic ham
  • Sandwich ham
  • Traditional ham
  • Pastrami
  • Gammon (One of Van Wyngaardt’s smoked speciality meats.)

We take great pride in being suppliers of superior wholesale pork products. All restauranteurs and retail meat sellers can be assured their customers will receive the best varieties of ham in South Africa.

Our online product enquiry platform has been designed to offer you a professional, swift ordering experience. Simply, fill in the webform with your details and ham requirements. Once complete, our sales representatives will process your order and make sure it is delivered to your business doorstep within the delivery period stipulated on our policy.

Delivery policy

Our delivery policy states that a minimum order amount R 8,000.00 is required. (Only valid for outer Gauteng region). You can order between Monday to Thursday. If you order before 12:00, we will deliver the next day, if after 12:00 we will deliver the following day.

Calling all retail shopping chains! Millions of people across Gauteng are eager to enjoy delicious gammon during the Festive season. Ensure that you get your orders in now to avoid customer disappointment.

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