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Wholesale Breakfast Sausages & Twirls

Types of breakfast sausages & twirls available

  • Bacon & Cheese Breakfast Sausage
  • Bacon & Cherry Breakfast Sausage
  • Bacon & Cheese Twirl
  • Bacon & Cherry Twirl

Interesting Information

Bacon and sausage – there isn’t a better combination of pork meat to accompany a traditional breakfast. The majority of fast-food restaurants and family restaurants in many countries will carry one or more versions of these types of sausages during their breakfast hours.

Breakfast sausage is ground and generally blended with a variety of spices and other ingredients such as cheese, pepper, thyme, and salt.

Bacon & Cheese Breakfast
Bacon & Cherry Breakfast
Bacon & Cheese Twirl
Bacon & Cherry Twirl

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