Did you know that pork is generally referred to as ‘the other white meat’, but it’s actually classified as red meat?

Restaurant Licensing and Permits: What you Need to Know

Are you looking to open a restaurant that you are touting to be renowned for its pork meat dishes? At Van Wyngaardt, we provide the best wholesale meat products available; we want to help you make your restauranteur dream come true. We understand that it’s a highly competitive space and ensuring you have the correct legal documentation will give you an advantage over your competition.

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Restaurant Health Violations: Are You Up to Code?

As an entrepreneur, you may have a dream of becoming a restaurant owner. While it’s a highly competitive space, the low barrier to entry is appealing. However, there are strict restaurant health and safety requirements to which you must adhere and implement. If you violate any of the rules, you could be shut down before serving eggs and tasty bacon to your first customer. You must have processes and actionable policies in place to avoid the following violations.

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Understanding the Food Value Chain

So, you’ve received a cost estimate for a bulk order of wholesale pork products. It may or may not be within your budget. As a business in the food service industry, it’s vital that you understand the food value chain.

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Why supermarkets need ‘expiry date’ protocols in place

Do you have meat stocking processes and procedures in place for your employees to follow? Do they check the ‘best before’, ‘sell-by’ and ‘expiry date’ on every pack of pork meat product, every day? No? Make sure you implement quality check processes and procedures right now unless you want Health and Compliance inspectors on your case.

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There is a demand for pork in South Africa

According to the country’s official website, South Africans consume 200, 000 tonnes of pork annually – wow, that’s a lot of pig! So, all supermarket owners and restauranteurs must ensure they always have enough quantities of high-quality pork products available for their customers.

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Restaurant start-ups: Tips to source pork in South Africa

So, you’ve embraced your entrepreneurial drive and invested in a restaurant start-up. That’s fantastic, and we applaud you! However, it’s a competitive industry, and there will be challenges that you’ll face on the way; one of which being how – and where – do you source high-quality meat products? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

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