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Interesting information

The term ‘footlong sausage’ is as simple as it sounds:1ft = 30cm, which is the length of a standard ruler. Footlong sausages are generally associated with the hotdog, a snack that many food historians believe originally hails from Germany but was popularised by the USA where it became the quintessential ‘food-on-the-go’.

According to NDTV Food “The hot dog carts and stands play a significant role in the changing food ethics of the 19th and 20th century America, especially New York and Chicago street cuisine.” The preparations and condiments vary from country to country, but the popularity prevails worldwide.

  • According to food historians, the concept of a hotdog originates from approximately 500 years ago.
  • There is a National Hotdog and Sausage Council that is based in Washington D.C.
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Cheesegriller Footlong
Russians Footlong
Bockwurst Footlong
Chilli & Cheese Footlong
Bacon & Cherry Footlong
Bacon & Cheese Footlong

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