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Our smoked pork specialities

  • Boston Butts (Thick flank)
  • Smoked Pork Fillet
  • Gammon (Pork leg)

We also have a selection of smoked pork specialities at Van Wyngaardt. Our Boston Butts; Smoked Pork Fillet and Gammon are manufactured using the highest quality meat. They are perfect for all special occasions such as birthdays, and our gammon is a tasty addition to a Christmas meal.

You will taste the distinct Van Wyngaardt smoky flavour! There are no added antibiotics or hormones in any of our products.

Code Description
Boston Butts, Thick Flank, netted, individually vacuum packed, 12 units per carton
Smoked Pork Fillet, smoked - individually vacuum packed
Gammon DB - Netted, Pork Leg, 5-6 units per carton - individually vacuum packed - netted

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