Is it safe to freeze meat?

Do you need to buy deli meat in bulk and worried it might get spoilt if it’s not used by its “best before” date? The answer is yes; you can freeze deli meat such as bacon and pork sausages. Still, how meat and poultry are frozen, how long they are frozen and how the meat is defrosted will affect the final taste, texture and even the appearance of the meat.

How to freeze deli meat

One of the most important steps is to ensure the meat is put or wrapped in airtight packaging to prevent freezer burn, e.g. use cling wrap or sealable freezer bags – you can purchase these items at a grocery store. While freezer burn isn’t dangerous to your health, it can negatively affect the taste and texture of the meat.

In addition, you prevent the effects of freezer burn by putting the meat in the freezer as quickly as possible. At Van Wyngaardt, only the highest standards of meat production suffice; so, you can be assured that the meat is of optimal quality when delivered to you. The quality is maintained once frozen. We recommend that processed meats such as bacon and sausages are frozen for no longer than two months.

When wrapping meat, it’s critical to remember that you need to squeeze out as much air as possible but leave a little room because the meat will expand as it begins to freeze. So, we suggest in addition to wrapping the food in plastic wrap or a freezer paper bag, add a layer of foil for extra protection. Proper wrapping also protects the meat, ensuring that it retains its flavour.

Have you ever wondered why it’s safe to freeze meat? Bacteria and yeast are microbes that grow on meat if it’s left at room temperature for a certain period. By freezing the meat, the microbes are inactivated.

Thawing frozen meat

What happens when you want to cook meat that’s been frozen? There is a specific procedure to follow when it comes to unfreezing, better known as thawing or defrosting, meat. The ideal and safest way to defrost meat is by storing it in the refrigerator overnight. Pork that has been thawed can remain in the fridge for up to three to five days. Furthermore, if you thaw too much meat, it can be frozen again without spoiling. 

 Can I defrost meat in the microwave?

Yes, you can. Thawing meat in the microwave is the quickest method but should be done carefully. The microwave has the potential to defrost meat unevenly and may start to cook parts of it. Check progress frequently and remember that it needs to be cooked immediately; otherwise, you run the risk of microbe growth.

There you go. It’s safe to freeze deli meat so that it can be used when needed. Just make sure that you follow the abovementioned advice.

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