Benefits of meat products in bulk online

The restaurant, retail and hospitality industries have suffered the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are empathetic and want to help you rebuild and grow your business. We are buy-in-bulk suppliers of superior-quality pork meat products.

Benefits of buying meat products in bulk

Cost efficiency
It is far more cost-effective to buy meat for your respective businesses which means that you can add a decent profit mark-up without making it too expensive for customers who are also feeling the effects of the pandemic. In addition, you also have peace of mind that your customers are still receiving the highest quality meat available in South Africa.

Buying pork in bulk allows you to select a wider variety of meat for a more cost-effective price. Our assorted hams; pre-cooked marinated ribs; hocks and shanks; sausages as well as bacon are just some of the products that we sell.

Supporting local companies
The financial devastation of the pandemic has made it more critical than ever to support local companies to jump-start the economy. As mentioned above, Van Wyngaardt specialises in selling wholesale pork meat online to the retail, corporate, hospitality and wholesale industries at competitive prices.

If you purchase from local suppliers, you are creating a reciprocal business relationship that has a significant ripple effect; you’re indirectly assisting other industries to recover from financial loss.

Buying online is more convenient
Our online platform has been designed to provide you with a seamless, efficient ordering experience. Fill in the webform with your details and pork meat requirements and our sales representatives will ensure your order is delivered to your premises timeously.

Van Wyngaardt is here for you

We’ve been in the wholesale meat supplying the industry for a long time. If you are starting in any of the sectors to which we cater, we can assist you in determining how much – and what type – of meat, you’ll need to have on hand regularly so that all customers can choose exactly what they want from your establishment.

Customer satisfaction plays a significant role in ensuring that they pick your retail outlet/ restaurant over any of your competitors. This will further your brand’s positive reputation as a prime seller of quality meats. Our ‘exceedingly good meats’ are what you need to grow your company.

You can rest assured that Van Wyngaardt always supplies the best quality meat products, at competitive online prices. There are no added antibiotics or hormones in any of our products. Also, we comply with acceptable animal welfare practices.

All of our meat products are cut to order and packaged to guarantee freshness and quality, and we’ll deliver your order directly to your business.

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