Why You Should Buy Meat Online in 2022

When it comes to buying meat online, there has undoubtedly been a sharp increase in interest. Although it’s been around for a while, its increase in popularity is largely attributed to the digital transformation accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. And it’s showing no signs of slowing down!


With humble roots as a small family-run butchery, we’ve experienced the transition first-hand. And today, we’re a big online wholesale operation, ready to deliver to your retail store in a few clicks of your mouse.

We break down all the reasons why buying your meat online for the catering, retail, and hospitality industries is the way to go in 2022 and going forward.

 Benefits of Buying Meat Online


1. Buy in Bulk, Save More

When you buy meat online in bulk, you often get incredible deals, helping you make more profit. This is because you’re cutting out the middleman and getting the meat directly from its source — a quality butcher.

2. Fresher and More Variety


When you buy online, you no longer have limited options available for your patrons or customers as you’ll have access to a wide range that you can order as you need it.

The meat is also often fresher than when you’re buying it from a store, as it’s only cut and packaged once you place your order and according to your specifications. Because they also serve the supply as the demand grows, it means that you won’t get meat that’s been lying around waiting for someone to buy it.

Furthermore, quality online butcheries will often even deliver it in a temperature-controlled box to ensure freshness along the route to your establishment.

3. Higher Quality


Whereas a couple of years ago, some people might have questioned how safe buying meat online is,  it can even be the safest way to shop today.

This is because it limits to and fro transportation and instead comes directly to your establishment. Furthermore, many online retailers use flash freezing, contributing to better tasting meat that’s also safer.

 4. Know What You’re Getting


Online retailers will more often than not disclose precisely from which farm they got their meat for full transparency. You can reach out directly to ask any questions, and they’ll more than likely address any concerns you have.

With an online order, it’s also easier to track the order, payment, shipping and any queries for full visibility to the benefit of both parties.

5. Quick Delivery


Noticed that your stock is running low? Online delivery means you’re more likely to get the right stock in time for when you need it.


For example, at Van Wyngaardt, you can order from Monday to Thursday. And, if you order before noon, you can even get your delivery the very next day. Now that’s convenient!  

Order Your Meat Online Today


When you want to buy meat online, look no further than Van Wyngaardt. Contact us today for all your quality processed meat products.

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Van Wyngaardt’s delivery policy

Our delivery policy requires a minimum order amount depending on the region. You may order from Monday to Thursday. Should you place an order before 12:00, we assure you of next-day delivery. If you order after 12:00, the order will be delivered to you the following working day. This is only valid for Gauteng stores. Outer Gauteng stores delivery period may vary. At Van Wyngaardt, we pride ourselves on always providing exceedingly good meats.

Should you have any queries or require more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and one of our sales representatives will gladly assist you. 

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