Why supermarkets need ‘expiry date’ protocols in place

Do you have meat stocking processes and procedures in place for your employees to follow? Do they check the ‘best before’, ‘sell-by’ and ‘expiry date’ on every pack of pork meat product, every day? No? Make sure you implement quality check processes and procedures right now unless you want Health and Compliance inspectors on your case.

There are numerous reasons why these processes and procedures need to be executed; once complete, they will ensure that you save capital, satisfy customers, thereby keeping your brand reputation favourable.

The problem with a lack of ‘expiry date’ conventions

  1. Food wastage
    Once food expires, many supermarkets dispose of the products ¬– that’s a lot of your much-needed money you’re throwing down the drain. By having set quality checking policies and procedures, your employees will know when food is nearing its expiration date; it can be taken off the shelves and donated to the poverty-stricken population, via soup kitchens and/or homeless shelters before it actually expires.

    Why not invest in Expiration Date Tracking technology.

    According to the tracking technology company, Yoobic, “Expiration Date Tracking technology automates the manual checking of expiration dates and gives store teams complete visibility into what’s about to expire. It’s a meaningful tool in a retailer’s arsenal for slashing food waste.”

  2. Damage to your brand reputation
    There are many review sites, not to mention the popular social media platforms, available such as Hello Peter on which frustrated customers can detail their bad experience(s) at any business. As a supermarket owner, the last thing you want is to accidentally sell expired pork meat products which may cause customers to become ill. Not only would you have jeopardised their health, but it will create a ripple effect, and you’ll soon find your company’s Facebook page littered with photos and complaints from disgruntled customers. In short, your supermarket and the brand are likely to be tarnished quickly.

Back to basics

Sell-by date: A “Sell-By” date is aimed at retailers and indicates when the product should be sold or removed from shelf life. It does not mean that the product is unsafe at that point in time.

Use-by date: A “Use-By” date is aimed at consumers; it’s the last date recommended for the product’s use while at optimal quality. All retailers must ensure they abide by this date to avoid selling/serving sub-par quality meat.

Expiry date: An “Expiration Date” refers to the last date a food should be eaten or used.

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