Where To Find Our Products If Direct Shipping Isn't a Option

At Van Wyngaardt, we produce top quality processed pork meat products that are sold wholesale across South Africa and globally. Our main focus is to sell our wide range of pork meat products such as bacon, ribs, sausages, footlong sausages, breakfast sausages, hocks and shanks, assorted hams, assorted loaves, eisbeins and smoked pork, through our online store where we are able to ship directly to your door. In order to always have stock on hand, our processing plant is open 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. This is our way of making sure that your order can be fulfilled and that we can supply local stores with stock.

How to Order Our Products

Our online enquiry form has been specially designed to ensure that your ordering process is quick and easy so that your products will be with you as soon as possible. You can place your order by visiting the contact page on our website and then filling in the inquiry form with all your details, calling us on our landline, or sending us an email at info@vwg.co.za

Where to Find Van Wyngaardt Wholesale Pork Products if Direct Shipping Isn’t an Option?

So, what if you can’t ship directly to your door due to minimum order quantities? Luckily, Van Wyngaardt pork products can be found in selected Pick n Pay, Foodlovers Market and Spar stores across Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga. And if you happen to be driving through the Hartbeespoort area, you can stop at the famous windmill store, better known as Jasmyn, and find a selected range of our pork products in the store.

How Do We Ensure That Our Pork Products Are of the Highest Quality?

At Van Wyngaardt, quality is non-negotiable. Our pork products are regularly tested by the SABS meaning that they always meet the quality requirements. We ensure that our meat products are local and fresh to ensure a longer shelf-life, that they are kept at controlled temperatures, and that our packaging is food safety approved.

We also adhere to the quality assurance processes that are required by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS).

Van Wyngaardt Delivery Policy

If you are looking to order our wholesale pork products online, you will need to ensure that your order is placed between Monday to Thursday. For any orders that are placed before 12:00, you can expect that your order will be delivered the next day. However, any order placed after 12:00 will be delivered the day after. Any orders placed on a Friday will only be sent out the following Monday.

Please Note: This is only valid for Gauteng orders and deliveries. Any orders placed outside of Gauteng can expect a slight delay in delivery time.

If there happens to be a change in your order’s delivery date or time, we will inform you and update you on a new date of delivery.


We hope that if you are not able to ship our products directly, that you find a local store that stocks our high quality, pork meat products.

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