What to Look Out for When Buying Wholesale Meats Online

It has never been safer to buy wholesale meats online, so why not start today? With the drastic acceleration of digital transformation, online shopping has almost become the norm. And not just for customers, for retailers, caters, and the hospitality industry too.

That’s why, at Van Wyngaardt, we’ve streamlined the process of buying wholesale meats into a neat and easy online process. You’re welcome!

Why Should I Buy My Wholesale Meat Online?

In a world where nearly every business sells its products online, the question should be: why not?

Statistics show that the online meat industry is a growing one since there are millions of meat lovers worldwide. Furthermore, lockdowns implemented around the globe encourage bulk online shopping.

So, why not simplify your shopping process by buying your retail, catering, or hospitality wholesale meats online?

How to Safely Buy Wholesale Meats Online

Sourcing high-quality meat, as well as the amount you need, can be a time-consuming activity. By purchasing wholesale meats online, you can gain time to spend on more important matters at hand. Of which there are many, we’re sure!

And, yes, while it’s safe to say that purchasing wholesale meats online is a more convenient shopping method, the question remains whether the process, in itself, is safe.

Fortunately, quality online meat suppliers offer a holistic experience that ensures the product’s safety from start to finish (or rather, from farm to fridge!).

What to Look Out for When Buying Wholesale Meats Online


Look for a Quality Guarantee

When buying wholesale meats online, always check to see if they have a quality guarantee and follow stringent protocol to ensure the highest quality is achieved and maintained.

For example, at Van Wyngaardt, we pride ourselves on the quality of our meat. This includes thorough shelf-life testing, frequent reviews by SABS, and the exclusive use of safety-approved packaging. Furthermore, our meats are sourced locally and always frozen or chilled at precisely the correct temperatures.

Last but definitely not least, our meats contain no added hormones or antibiotics, and we firmly adhere to animal welfare practices.

Variety is Key

When you work in retail, catering, or hospitality, variety is the spice of life. You need to be able to deliver different meats for wide-ranging preferences. And you don’t want to have to order from ten different butcheries!

As artisan butchers, we believe in offering only the finest range of deli meats. From cured hams to marinated ribs, we’ve got you covered.

Loyal Customer Service

When you order wholesale meats online, you need a level of trust. Look at customer reviews to get a good indication of the service as well as quality of meat products you can expect from the business you want to order from.

Order Your Wholesale Meat Online Today

At Van Wyngaardt, we’re committed to the well-being of our employees, suppliers and customers. We aim to provide effective service of the highest degree to leave you smiling.

Contact us today or place your order online for quick, quality, and efficient service.

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