What is cold chain distribution and management?

Ever wondered how wholesale meat suppliers transport and manage their products safely? To ensure your stores or restaurants receive the highest-quality pork, we follow a process called cold chain distribution and management. 

An article titled Cold chain management in meat storage, distribution and retail: A review correctly states that “monitoring of time-temperature profiles [is] very important for the overall success in delivery of the product which will be accepted by the consumer for its freshness and safety levels.”

All of Van Wyngaardt’s trucks are refrigerated. Quality and temperature checks (5 degrees Celsius or below) take place during dispatching of our products.

What is cold chain distribution and management?

Cold chain distribution and management (also known as cold chain logistics) is the transport of temperature-controlled goods, such as meat. It’s important to note that

“The cold chain process does not begin with transportation. It impacts every step of the supply chain, from supply procurement to transport, storage, transport to end customer. The temperature-sensitive products must be kept at a consistent, specific temperature or temperature range throughout their lifecycle,” according to risk shipment analysis company, Riskpulse.

Why cold chain logistics is important

Restaurants and retail store franchises/chains need to recognise that people are continually becoming more informed about nutrition. Therefore, suppliers of wholesale meat products need to ensure their products are brought to the retail chains and restaurants in the safest, fastest way that keeps the integrity of the product intact. Remember, that meat must be kept at particular temperatures to avoid becoming spoilt. The maintenance of cold chain during the display at a retail store is of crucial importance for prevention of microbial spoilage, as well as maintenance of meat freshness and safety.

The article further stipulates that “during meat distribution (transportation) route to the final user – wholesale cold storage and/or display at retail, the cold chain must be maintained vigorously.”

Essentially, chambers in the refrigerated need to have the correct mechanical characteristics (e.g. power of compressors, ventilation and insulation) to transport pork meat products successfully. This is the absolute priority for us when transporting our high-quality meats.

VWG’s online product enquiry platform has been specifically designed to provide you with a professional, efficient ordering experience. We simply need you to fill in the webform with your details and wholesale pork meat requirements. Our friendly sales representatives will process your order and make sure it is delivered to your business doorstep within the timeframe specified on our delivery policy.

Delivery policy

Our delivery policy states that a minimum order amount R 8,000.00 is required. (Only valid for outer Gauteng region). You can order between Monday to Thursday. If you order before 12:00, we will deliver the next day, if after 12:00 we will deliver the following day.

At Van Wyngaardt, we specialise in providing you with ‘exceedingly good meats!’ We’ve been in the artisan butchery industry for many years and well known for our high-quality pork products which are available to buy in bulk at competitive prices.

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