Types of Hams: What You Need to Know

Ham refers to the pork procured from the animal’s hind leg. As a wildly popular meat with many different types of hams, it’s incredibly versatile. But how do you decide which kind of ham is the right choice for you?

We discuss the different types of hams and what you need to know.

Different Styles of Ham

Before we go into the different types of ham, here are some of the most popular cuts or styles of ham that you can buy.

City Hams

You can generally find this type of ham in your local grocery store, and they are already fully cooked.

Bone-in Hams

When it comes to preparation, these hams require more effort, as carving is necessary. The bone, however, adds flavour to the meat and can be used afterwards for soup-making.

When choosing bone-in ham, you can either pick the leg portion (shank end) or the top half of the ham (butt end). The former is easier to carve, while the latter tends to have fattier meat.

Boneless Hams

 Keep an eye out for the water contents when purchasing boneless hams because the more water it has, the less flavour it’s likely to retain.


Here, the shank bone is removed, while the leg bone is left in, providing the perfect mid-way option for anyone who can’t decide between bone-in and boneless.

Country hams

Cured with a dry rub, hung to dry and sold uncooked, these hams require a bit more effort to prepare.

Fresh (or “green”) hams

You can usually find fresh cuts, which you buy raw, at your local butchery.

Different Types of Ham

 If you still think that sandwich ham is the only type of ham there is? Well, then you might learn a thing or two! Take a look at our list of some of the most popular types of hams.

1. Beechwood Ham

 A rustic, light and distinctive ham that has been slowly roasted in a dry heat oven.

2. Chargrilled Ham

A ham that’s cooked on high heat, lending it a blackened appearance.

3. Boiled or Cooked Ham

This type of ham is most commonly used as sandwich meat.

4. Pastrami Ham

A cured beef ham, seasoned strongly as well as smoked and cooked. Usually sold in very thin, delicate slices.

5. Hickory Ham

Made from a skinless pork leg, it’s cooked and smoked. Usually used in pastas or on sandwiches.

6. Gammon

 A classic cut of ham, made popular by the British. The curing sauce contains either honey or maple syrup, giving the meat a delicate sweetness.

7. Silverside Ham

A ham that comes from the upper part of the leg and is very tender with juicy white marbling.

8. Pepper Ham

A ham that’s rubbed in finely ground black peppercorns and roasted.

9. Prosciutto

 An Italian ham that’s cured in salt, dried and then pressed and served thinly sliced.

Hero the Ham this Festive Season

 It’s safe to say that all types of all types of ham are delicious, and so versatile! It’s suitable for everything from a light lunch to a Christmas dinner and popular among many cultures. Stock up with our delicious ham selection today.

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