The Different Ways Of Cooking Pork

Pork is ideally cooked when it reaches slightly over 63°C. It’s best to test this using a meat thermometer. Perfectly cooked pork is juicy and tender, with a slight touch of pink in the centre.

The Other White Meat® explains two methods for cooking pork: dry heat and moist heat.


Dry-Heat Methods

  • Grilling: Best for both small pork cuts cooked over direct heat and large pork cuts cooked with indirect heat.
  • Broiling: Best for small cuts such as chops.
  • Stir-Frying: Best for small cuts such as strips and cutlets.
  • Pan broiling: Best for pork fillets , ham slices, bacon.
  • Roasting: Best for large pork cuts such as ham and loin.

Moist-Heat Methods

  • Stewing: Best for smaller pieces such as shoulder cubes.
  • Braising: Best for less-tender cuts.

The method you use also depends on your personal preference, but it’s worth trying all of them. In addition to supplying pork fillet in bulk, the following meat products are also available:

· Bacons

· Assorted hams

· Assorted loaves

· Marinated ribs

· Sausages

· Footlong sausages

· Hocks & shanks

· Breakfast sausages

· Specialised smoked pork products, which include smoked pork fillet, Boston butts and gammon.


Order the best pork fillets for sale

All you need to do is visit our new Van Wyngaardt website, which has been redesigned to offer an enjoyable customer experience. Don’t worry, our selection of the best quality pork products are all still available. We’ve also entirely restructured our online product ordering platform. You’ll find descriptions of the meats and the corresponding product codes on each product page, which can be easily inserted into the order form.

Once you fill in all of your details and list of products, it will be sent directly to our sales reps, who will process the order immediately.


Our delivery policy

Our delivery policy requires a minimum order amount depending on the region. You may order from Monday to Thursday. If you order before 12:00 (noon), we guarantee delivery the next day; should it be after 12:00, your order will be delivered to you the following working day. This is only valid for Gauteng stores. Outer Gauteng stores delivery period may vary.

At Van Wyngaardt, we pride ourselves on always providing exceedingly good meats. Enjoy! If you require any additional information, please contact us, and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.


Where to buy Van Wyngaardt pork

Need to buy meat straightaway for a braai or social event? Van Wyngaardt’s high-quality pork fillets and other products listed above are all available at Selected Spars, PnP and Food Lovers Market stores. All our pork products are vacuum sealed to guarantee freshness and taste.

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