Restaurant start-ups: Tips to source pork in South Africa

So, you’ve embraced your entrepreneurial drive and invested in a restaurant start-up. That’s fantastic, and we applaud you! However, it’s a competitive industry, and there will be challenges that you’ll face on the way; one of which being how – and where – do you source high-quality meat products? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Tips to source pork in South Africa

  1. Do your research
    You must have a comprehensive knowledge of the restaurant industry, including where, how, when you should source meat products. Remember that you must take numerous factors into account such as
    • Variety
    • Shelf-life
    • Price (you want to get a favourable return on investment)

    Reach out to the agricultural sector and ask for official material. By understanding the industry, you’ll be able to ask suppliers specific, informed questions to gauge whether their meat stacks up. For example,
    1. Did the supplier buy their meat from local farmers?
    2. Do the farmers have the correct infrastructure to raise healthy pigs?

    Here is an eBook titled Agribook, which will give you a background on how pigs should be raised. Once you have this information, you can identify which wholesale pork meat suppliers will provide you with the best products.

    Van Wyngaardt meat suppliers specialise in selling pork in bulk online. Buying pork in bulk allows you to choose a wider variety of meat at a more cost-effective price point. The Gauteng-based, artisan wholesale processed meat operation gets their pork from local farmers, so you contribute to “Proudly South African” companies by purchasing from them.

  1. Buy in bulk and online
    Usually, one of the primary issues with a start-up is a limited cash flow, meaning that you need to find the most efficient, cost-effective way to source products; buying in bulk is your best option. Find a full list of our products here.

    Another benefit of buying online is that you can purchase the correct amount of meat that you need, lessening the likelihood that there will be wastage which can lock in loss of much-needed capital.

    Buying high-quality meats online, cooking them to perfection will establish and further your restaurant’s (and brand’s) reputation as a prime server of superb meat dishes. Customer satisfaction plays an influential role in ensuring that they pick your restaurant over your competition. Van Wyngaardt’s ‘exceedingly good meats’ are precisely what is required to grow your customer base and meet your financial goals.

Order our wholesale high-quality pork products online

Our online product enquiry form has been developed to give you with an efficient, proficient ordering method. All you need to do is fill in the webform (available on every product page) with your details and list your pork meat requirements. Once complete, our sales representatives will process your order; confirm that it’s correct and then have it delivered to your business premises within the time stipulated on our delivery policy.

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