Restaurant Licensing and Permits: What you Need to Know

Are you looking to open a restaurant that you are touting to be renowned for its pork meat dishes? At Van Wyngaardt, we provide the best wholesale meat products available; we want to help you make your restauranteur dream come true. We understand that it’s a highly competitive space and ensuring you have the correct legal documentation will give you an advantage over your competition.

So, before you can start buying our superior pork, you need to have the correct licenses and permits.

What kind of licenses/permits do I need to operate in the food service industry?

Business License: According to The Restaurant Association of South Africa (RASA), The Businesses Act (1991) states, “where a person carries on the business of selling or supplying any foodstuff in the form of meals for consumption on or off the business premises, or any perishable foodstuff [such as processed pork products], then that business is required to hold a business license.”

Where to apply for a business license: A restaurant owner would need to apply to the local municipality closest to where the restaurant is situated. According to South African law, if you don’t apply for a business license and are trading, you can be fined and/or imprisoned.

Other legislative requirements that need to be considered before opening a restaurant

The Consumer Protection Act (2008) outlines that customers who dine at your restaurant are entitled to good quality food and service. If this standard is not upheld, you may incur a liability claim.

Are you planning to play music at your restaurant? If so, you will require a license from The Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) and another license from The South African Music Performance Rights Association (SAMPRA). Please note that these are two separate licenses.

Van Wyngaardt lives by its slogan ‘providing exceedingly good meats’. We are an artisan butchery and ensure that you’re receiving high-quality bulk pork meat products when purchasing from us, and we want your customers to enjoy every bite of their meal.

How to order wholesale pork meat products online

Please use our online product enquiry platform to place your order.  All you need to do is fill in the webform (which you’ll find on each of the product pages) with your details and list your pork meat requirements. From there, our sales representatives will process your order. It will be delivered to your business premises (or address listed on the webform) within the time stipulated in our delivery policy below.

Our delivery policy

Van Wyngaardt meat supplier’s delivery policy requires a minimum order amount of R8,000.00. (Only valid for outer Gauteng region). You may order between Monday to Thursday. If you order before 12:00, we will deliver the next day; if it’s after 12:00, we will deliver the following working day.

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