POPIA promotes the protection of personal information. All South African companies must be compliant with POPIA by 1 July 2021.
Van Wyngaardt Deli Meats (Pty) Ltd takes the protection of your personal information very seriously. We will only collect, use, and keep personal information (either directly or through our service providers) if there is a lawful purpose for doing so.
You are receiving this communication as you are a customer, supplier, or contact of Van Wyngaardt Deli Meats (Pty) Ltd. As such, Van Wyngaardt Deli Meats (Pty) Ltd has recorded some of your personal information based on past / present communication with you.
Personal Information is information that identifies you or relates to you personally. This includes, but is not limited to, your name, race, gender, marital status, identity number, health, and financial status, contact details, and biometric information.
Personal information is collected and mainly used by Van Wyngaardt Deli Meats (Pty) Ltd to:

  • Communicate and interact with you. This can be by phone, email, post, or online (via our client portal services or WhatsApp).
  • Provide services and information you request from us.
  • Improve our service offering, including through the collection of, and responding to, feedback.
  • Conduct research and surveys.
  • Comply with our legal obligations.
  • Co-operating with Services of Financial Institutions.

Your personal information is collected mainly from you directly or from your authorized third parties (e.g., your accountants). It may also be collected from other sources if POPIA allows for this to be done.
Once there is no longer a lawful reason for keeping your personal information, the information will either be destroyed or “de-identified” (a process allowed for in POPIA and by which information is deleted so that it cannot be linked to an individual again).
Van Wyngaardt Deli Meats (Pty) Ltd has always taken the confidentiality of personal information very seriously. Van Wyngaardt Deli Meats (Pty) Ltd has had technical and organizational measures in place even before POPIA, to safeguard personal information against breaches such as unauthorized access (hacks), modification, and unlawful disclosure.
If you have any queries about the processing of your personal information by or on behalf of Van Wyngaardt Deli Meats (Pty) Ltd, you are invited to contact us by emailing info@vwg.co.za

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