How We Keep Up With Demand And Deliver Fresh, Healthful Meat Products

At Van Wyngaardt, we have a commitment to our customers, employees, and suppliers that the products we produce are always made and packaged fresh and that we deliver them with care.

Through family traditions, the Van Wyngaardt products are traditionally wood-smoked and manufactured to the highest standards. As Artisan butchers, we pride ourselves in having created a wide range of pork products such as, bacon, ribs, sausages, footlong sausages, breakfast sausages, hocks and shanks, assorted hams, assorted loaves, eisbeins and smoked pork. Who doesn’t love a variety of options?


How Do We Keep Up with the Massive Demand for Our Pork Meat Products?

To keep up with the demand and ensure that our customers always receive fresh, healthy, and high-quality pork products, our pork processed meats are locally produced at our plant that runs 24 hours a day, six days a week. By producing our wholesale pork meat products at our own plant, we can ensure that all our customers receive the freshest and highest quality meat products on the market. With our online ordering service, we can offer outsourced distribution, nationally and internationally.


What Pork Products Do We Consider Our Specialty?

There is no doubt that every single one of our specialized pork meat products tastes incredible. However, we do consider ourselves specialists in the following products:

  • Cured Meats
  • Sausages
  • Hams
  • Bacons
  • Marinated, pre-cooked ribs

If you don’t believe us, order today and we’ll show you just how good our products really are.

How Do We Ensure Quality Pork Products?

At Van Wyngaardt, our pork meat products are regularly tested by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), to ensure we meet all necessary quality requirements. We pride ourselves in knowing that our pork has a long shelf-life, and we do this by running constant tests. Our pork is always chilled and frozen correctly and safely packaged in food-safe packaging. Our contingency plans ensure that our customers always receive the best products. At Van Wyngaardt, quality is non-negotiable. We also adhere to the quality assurance processes that are required by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS).

How Do We Ensure That Your Pork Meat Is Fresh When It Arrives With the Van Wyngaardt Delivery Policy?

If you are looking to order the Van Wyngaardt wholesale pork meat products online, you will need to ensure that your order is placed between Monday to Thursday before 12:00. Any orders that are placed before 12:00, qualify for next-day delivery. However, any orders placed after 12:00 will be delivered the day after. All orders placed on a Friday will only be sent out the following Monday.

Important: This is only valid for Gauteng orders and deliveries. Orders placed outside of Gauteng will need to expect a delay in delivery time.

If there is a change in your order’s delivery date or time, our team will inform you and update you on a new date of delivery. So don’t miss out and order your pork meat products online today!

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