How We Assure Our Quality Standards

At Van Wyngaardt, ‘exceedingly good meats’ is not only a catchy slogan; it’s a promise to you. We pride ourselves on supplying all our customers with superior-quality pork meat products, and we have the evidence to prove it!

There are numerous legislative policies and processes to which we need to adhere. Firstly, we have to be accredited by The South African National Accreditation System (SANAS), the only national body responsible for carrying out accreditations in respect of conformity assessment, as mandated through the Accreditation for Conformity Assessment, Calibration and Good Laboratory Practice Act (Act 19 of 2006).


In addition, official legislative documents required for quality assurance include:

  • “Certificate of assessment Including GFSI Intermediate” from CPG South Africa. The document states precisely what was assessed. In this case, “Scope: Processed Pork Products (cured meats, sausages, hams, bacon and marinated pre-cooked ribs, fresh butchery lines”.
  • We also have to obtain a certificate of registration from the CPG stating that, “The processing of ready-to-eat value-added processed meat products including marinated pre-cooked ribs, sausages, e.g. russians, viennas processed meat loaves, cooked hams and raw processed meat products, e.g. cured raw meat cuts, e.g. bacon shanks, boerewors, hamburgers as well as fresh meat cuts” has been assessed and meats the required standards.

All of our products are:

  • SABS approved. The SABS Certification Mark is a third-party guarantee of a product’s quality, safety, and reliability, assuring consumers that the product conforms to specifications based on ISO / IEC 17065.
  • Export (ZA44), FSA accredited, and HACCP approved.
  • Locally sourced.
  • Packaged professionally to ensure shelf-life and freshness.

Quality assurance is our priority.

Pork meat retail and distribution is our wheelhouse – and superior meat quality is what you’ll always get from Van Wyngaardt.


Our range of products include

  • Bacon.
  • Hams.
  • Breakfast sausages.
  • Cooked pre-marinated ribs.
  • Footlong sausages.
  • Hocks and shanks.
  • Speciality smoked pork, and much more.

How to order our products

Our online product enquiry platform has been specifically designed to provide you with a professional, efficient ordering experience. We need you to fill in the web form with your details, relevant industry (wholesale, retail or private) and the specifications of your order. Once this is sent to us, our knowledgeable sales representatives will process your order and ensure it is delivered to its destination (local and international) within the timeframe specified on the delivery policy.


Van Wyngaardt’s delivery policy

Our delivery policy requires a minimum order depending on the shipping region. You may order between Monday to Thursday. If you order before noon, we guarantee next-day delivery. If you order after noon, you will receive the order the following working day.

This is only valid for Gauteng stores. The delivery time for outer-Gauteng stores may vary. At Van Wyngaardt, we pride ourselves on always providing exceeding good meats! 

You are welcome to contact us if you have any queries or require more information about our policies. One of our sales representatives will happily help you.

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