How We Assure On Time Delivery As Promised

Who is Van Wyngaardt?

Are you looking to buy bulk meat online? Well you’ve landed on the right page! At Van Wyngaardt, we have wholesale meats for sale and a variety of pork meat products for you to choose from.

At Van Wyngaardt, the only way to ensure that we can fulfil all orders, we have a processing plant where all our meat products are produced 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. In this way, we can make sure that all orders can go out and be delivered, as well as ensuring that our local stores are supplied with stock.

What Pork Meat Products Do We Have for Sale?

You might be wondering what kind of pork meat products we have for sale. Our main focus is to offer our wide range of pork wholesale meat products such as bacon, ribs, sausages, footlong sausages, breakfast sausages, hocks and shanks, assorted hams, assorted loaves, eisbeins and smoked pork. All these items can be purchased through our online store, and shipped directly to your door.

What Pork Products Do We Consider Our Speciality at Van Wyngaardt?

There is no doubt that every single one of our pork meat products is selected, processed and packaged, so that they taste incredible when they reach you. However, at Van Wyngaardt, we consider ourselves specialists in the following pork products:

  • Cured Meats
  • Sausages
  • Hams
  • Bacons
  • Marinated, pre-cooked ribs

If you don’t believe us, then we challenge you to order any of our pork products and try them for yourself.


How to Order Our Pork Wholesale Meat Products

On our website, we have curated our online enquiry form that has been specifically designed to ensure that when you process your order, it is quick and easy so that your products will be delivered to you as soon as possible. You can place your order by visiting the contact page on our website, filling in the enquiry form with all your details and requirements, calling us on our landline or sending us an email on We look forward to hearing from you!

How Do We Ensure on Time Delivery as Promised?

If you are looking to order our wholesale pork products online, you will need to ensure that your order is placed between the weekdays of, Monday to Thursday. Any orders that are placed before 12:00, can be expected to be delivered the next day. However, any orders placed after 12:00, will be delivered the day after, ie) An order placed on Tuesday at 13:00, will only be delivered on Thursday. Any orders placed on a Friday, will only be sent out the following Monday.

Please Note: This is only valid for orders and deliveries made in Gauteng. Any orders placed outside of Gauteng, can expect a slight delay in delivery time. If there happens to be a change in your order’s delivery date or time, we will inform you and update you on a new date of delivery. Get your orders in so you can get the best pork products out there, ASAP!

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