Fun Facts About Bacon

Bacon is one of the most popular meats in South Africa. Did you know that the earliest records of bacon date back to 1500 B.C? Here are some other cool facts about the tasty, versatile breakfast staple pork product.

1.      Bacon was used to make explosives during World War II.

Yes, you read that correctly. During WWII, American citizens were encouraged by the government to provide the army with excess bacon fat. The American Fat Salvage Committee oversaw the practice. The bacon fat was used to make glycerine which was then used in the bomb-making process. 

2.      There’s a church of bacon

Are you a devout bacon lover? Then, consider joining the United Church of Bacon, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It has approximately 13,000 members as well as the “9 Bacon Commandments.”

3.      The first bacon factory opened in 1770

In 1770, a man named John Harris opened the first bacon processing plant. He had developed a unique brining solution called the “Wiltshire Cure,” which is still used in the curing process today. 

4.      Origin of “Bringing Home the Bacon”

The saying “bringing home the bacon” in today’s culture refers to ‘making money.’ However, the expression dates back to 12th century England. Churches would give a side of bacon (called a flitch) to any married man who swore before God that he and his wife hadn’t argued for a year and a day (366 days). So, men who literally brought home the bacon were upon favourably by society.

5.      Bacon has a dating app

An American meat and cold cut production company, Oscar Mayer, released a dating app for bacon lovers called Sizzl. According to Techcrunch, users can “specify their bacon preferences in a customizable profile, upload photos and start swiping through profiles of local fellow bacon lovers, with the ability to message and meet up with other Sizzl users based on a mutual-matching system.”


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