Braai Day: Essential Checklist #ProudlySouthAfrican

Nothing says ‘proudly South African’ than a braai; it’s a part of our heritage, and that’s why every year, on 24th September, we celebrate Braai Day! A wondrous 24 hours of friends, family, fun and of course, lots of meat.

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Braai Day: Essential Checklist #ProudlySouthAfrican

So, we thought we would compile an essential Braai Day checklist to ensure that you’re ready. Let’s start with the most important element:

The meat

We don’t need to tell you that everything tastes better on a braai. At Van Wyngaardt, we offer a wide range of pork products just waiting to hit that braai grid. Choose from

  • Marinated ribs
  • Sausages
  • Footlong sausages
  • Specialised smoked pork products, which include smoked pork fillet, Boston butts and gammon

How about a hotdog with some of our sausages, including delicious Bockwurst, Russians, cheese grillers and chorizo?

The sides

You can’t have a braai without another South African staple, Braaibroodjies. Choose from a variety of fillings. The classic cheese and tomato is a favourite, but you can also jazz it up with bacon and assorted hams.

The spices

Once again, this lends itself to personal preference, but there are many different kinds of ‘braai’ spices available from your local supermarket. However, ensure you have plenty of salt and pepper readily available.

The tools

Tongs: Make sure you have a pair (or more) of high-quality tongs so you can turn the meat at regular intervals until it’s juicy and full of flavour. Braai Culture comments, Tongs are basically an extension of yourself when it comes to braaiing.

Firestarters: These can include your matches and/or lighter and Blitz (firelighters).

Wood and/or charcoal: We’re not going to tell you how to put together the foundation of your braai, but make sure that if you use wood, it’s bone dry; moist wood will take a long time to burn. Whether you opt for genuine charcoal or briquettes is up to you.

Thermometer: Now, this can be a controversial item because there’s usually only one ‘braai master’ in the group, and his five-to-ten-second rule is the gospel! However, it can be challenging to determine whether they’re correctly cooked when cooking meat with a lot of bone, such as pork ribs. It’s best to keep a meat thermometer on hand (use it when no one’s looking!)

The drinks

If you’re one of the ‘manne’ then cold beer is the drink of choice. However, some red wine will complement the meat very well. A lekker brandy and Coke is always worth having as well.

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From all of us at Van Wyngaardt, we wish you a fantastic, lip-smacking Braai Day! #ProudlySouthAfrican

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