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Did you know that pork is generally referred to as ‘the other white meat’, but it’s actually classified as red meat?


The Different Ways Of Cooking Pork

Pork is ideally cooked when it reaches slightly over 63°C. It’s best to test this using a meat thermometer. Perfectly cooked pork is juicy and tender, with a slight touch of pink in the centre.

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Roast Pork With Couscous & Ginger Yoghurt

Welcome to Van Wyngaardt’s recipe recommendation series. Today, we’re going to show you how to cook delectable roast pork with couscous and ginger yoghurt. Give your body an iron-rich boost with this low-fat yet nourishing roast pork fillet recipe.

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Five questions to ask your pork supplier

Are you looking to promote new, tasty varieties of bacon for sale and other pork meat products in your retail store? Make sure that you find a wholesale meat supplier that can answer all the following questions definitively.

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Sweet & Spicy Bacon Wrapped Pork Ribs

Welcome to Van Wyngaardt’s recipe recommendation series! Today, we’re cooking up succulent sweet and spicy bacon wrapped pork ribs. For all pork meat lovers, it doesn’t get much better than that!

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The Different Cuts Of Bacon Explained

The truth is that South Africans love bacon. In fact, there’s an increasing demand. Whether you enjoy it with eggs for breakfast, as part of a wholesome meat dish for dinner or on a burger for lunch, it tastes great. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of bacon for sale to retail stores in bulk.

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Beef & bacon meatloaf

Welcome to Van Wyngaardt’s recipe recommendation series! Today, we’re looking at how to make a lip-smacking beef and bacon meatloaf. We pride ourselves on providing the tastiest bacon for sale in the country.

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Essential restaurant cost-saving tips

Running a restaurant can be very expensive if you don’t invest and follow cost-saving methods. These can include purchasing energy-efficient appliances, buy your meat products in bulk from local suppliers and training your staff to follow recycling best practices. Here are four top tips you should follow.

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The benefits of POS systems for restaurants

The secrets behind running a successful restaurant are precision, efficiency and clear communication between servers and the kitchen during service and taking inventory of produce such as pork meat products once service has finished. If you are still doing all these tasks manually, you’re wasting precious time and money. Owners need to invest in an advanced point of sale system (POS) specifically designed for the restaurant industry.

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Four decisions you need to make before opening a restaurant

Is it your entrepreneurial dream to open a restaurant that specialises in serving various meat dishes such as marinated ribs? It would be best if you made numerous decisions before spending and/or raising the necessary capital you’ll need to get started, such as location and the ideal meat suppliers to use.

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Do you want to launch a food truck business?

Are you looking to sell high-quality pork dishes and other meals but don’t have enough capital to rent premises yet? Start with a food truck. The food truck market has grown exponentially over the last five to 10 years, with many start-ups finding success and upscaling to permanent restaurants.

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Keep microbes out of your premises with UV-C waves

The cleaning and sanitising commercial kitchens are a nightmare at the best of times; they can require many pricey products. Well, here’s one to add to your resources: UV light; more specifically, UV-C, which is one of three types of radiation emitted as light waves.

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