A Guide to Different Cuts of Pork

At Van Wyngaardt, you can expect your pork products to be delivered to your door vacuum sealed to ensure quality in freshness, but do you actually know where your favourite bacon and ribs originate? In this article, we’ll give you a guide to the different cuts of pork that we sell. The cuts’ names, for the most part, are self-explanatory but it’s the type, texture, taste and versatility of each cut that any meat connoisseur should know.

  • Pork shoulder

Pork shoulder will provide you with well-textured, tasty and versatile bacon that can be added to a broad range of dishes. Add it to pasta and as a topping on pizzas for an unmistakable flavour profile upgrade.

  • Pork belly

We sell wholesale pre-marinated, pre-cooked pork belly ribs. It’s incredibly tender meat; when it’s cooked correctly, you can expect the meat fall off the bone – you can rest assured that our ribs will melt in your mouth.

The cut is high in fat and rich in protein, making it a perfect choice for individuals and restaurant patrons who are following the low carbohydrate high fat (LCHF) diet. So, it’s recommended that you stock up on our ribs.

We also offer streaky bacon which, interestingly, also comes from the belly. Drop the bacon strips on a sizzling hot pan, and you’ll have crispy, tasty bacon in no time. Add some eggs and breakfast sausage, and you’ll have a delicious English breakfast – there’s no better way to start the day.

  • Pork leg

Looking for a cut that is low in fat, can be roasted quickly and used to make escalopes? Our pork leg is the ideal cut. We sell specialised smoked meat and pork leg is one from which we make our gammon. It can be purchased per carton: it contains five to six units, each of which is netted and vacuum sealed.

This is also the cut that when cured, results in delectable hams. This can be considered one of the most versatile deli meats: it is a perfect low carbohydrate snack; put a few pieces between two slices of bread, and you’ve got a sandwich that is a great lunchbox treat for your child(ren).  

  • Pork fillet

The fillet (also known as a tenderloin) is found on the inside of the ribcage; it’s part of the loin cut. Pork fillet is the leanest of all cuts of pork, so it’s the healthiest choice if you’re following a strict protein-rich diet. The fillet is another one of our specialised smoked meats.

Whether the pork belly or fillet takes your fancy, you can be assured that any meat purchased from Van Wyngaardt is of the highest quality because we pride ourselves on specialising in exceedingly good meats!

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